Adren Wendigo Galliard of the Stillgales and ex-talesinger of the Outcasts' Rest Caern


Standing at 6’ 9", John “Wildsong” Stillgale is a tall, well built native American man with black hair and sharp, icy violet blue eyes that seem to glow when he shifts into his Crinos form as a mark of his pure breeding. Otherwise, he is a much more imposing man than he is attractive, and has a temper to match. Ever since he lost the position of Talesinger he has rarely been seen at the caern, preferring to stay on the Stillgale Family lands.


Other than the fact that Wildsong had served as the caern Talesinger for several years (he challenged for the position when his father had been sept alpha), and that he had lost the position after attacking the then-kinfolk Hoyle Clearwater with the intent to kill him. Instead he had inadvertently caused Hoyle’s first change, however as a result Song of the Hills stripped him of the talesinger position and has left the position open as a lesson.

Like most of the Stillgale family, Wildsong is a vocal critic of the new sept alpha and his opening of the caern to non-pure land tribes.


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