A silent somber metis who is frequently called upon as an impartial judge


Atum “Speaks With Death” is a tall dark skinned man who spends most of his time in his crinos breed form which has heavy jackal tones. As an individual he speaks at all, and usually only to his charge Amir or to the alpha pack (usually Runs through the Burrow). For the most part he leaves as much as he can to Amir, watching the boy from a distance as he observes his growth only interceding when the young philodox needs his authority and credibility as an adren. Sometimes he seems to be surprised to be treated as well as he is for being a metis. Atum disappears every few days to run messages and errands to other caerns.


Atum arrived with Amir when news of a pack forming had reached him. He doesn’t talk much of his past, preferring to simply carry messages and aid the caern when asked by the alpha pack. If asked about his parentage, he’ll simply mention that he’s never met his mother or father. He’s renowned with his judgement in reconciliation between the living and the dead as well as between garou.


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