Athro Child of Gaia Galliard, Alpha of the Outcasts' Rest Caern


Song of the Hills is well built middle aged man who looks like he has seen quite a bit in his life, and he’ll definitely tell you about if it he has time between his duties as the alpha of the Outcasts’ Rest caern. He stands at an imposing six feet seven inches, with short cropped brown hair and green eyes, he still has a strong physique that exemplifies his rank and experience. While he stays almost exclusively on the caern tending to his duties, he can often be seen interceding the many conflicts brought about by petty reasons.


Alben “Song of the Hills” Hazel took alphaship of the Outcasts’ Rest caern about five years prior to Volcano’s pack’s arrival. Prior to that the alpha-ship tended to flip between the Stillgales and the Clearwater families of Wendigo and Uktena. The man himself is known for his travels with his pack, having taken in lost cubs and helped them find their way from being alone. This is also how how many of his current alpha pack met and joined him. Song of the Hills made every attempt in his life to keep direct discrimination out of his songs, though even having taken control of the Outcasts’ Rest caern he has not been able to put a stop to the feud between the Stillgale and Clearwater families, as both families have members who also are of the Athro rank. He has managed to make the two families keep their feud out of the caern itself… At least until Hoyle Clearwater had his first change due to an attack by Wildsong, at the time the Talesinger.

Recently one of his proteges, Eledin Aarons arrived at the caern.


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