Fostern Child of Gaia Galliard who recently arrived to Outcasts' Rest


Eledin is a vibrant young woman, standing at 5’ 8" with long blond hair tied back in a pony tail and bluu-ish green eyes. She is usually wearing sweat pants and a hoodie, and is frequently gone to the city on errands for her old mentor Song of the Hills. When spoken to, Eledin seems surprisingly welcoming, her alluring appearance (4) is exceeded by her captivating charisma and enchanting voice. There is even a dash of Child of Gaia purebreed. She has taken to hanging out with Jenny ever since the incident at the underground laboratory.


Eledin doesn’t talk much about her past, odd enough for a Galliard. Before she had her first change, she had always looked up to her older sister, who had hers while Eledin was only nine years old. When she finally became a garou herself however, her older sister had disappeared, and no one could explain to Eledin what had happened to her. Once she had become a cliath, Eledin ventured out on her own, though she didn’t find out what happened to her sister, she did encounter Song of the Hills, who helped her find a caern where she could join a pack. Unfortunately not long after she reached the rank of Fostern, her pack was killed in battle, with her as the only survivor dragging herself to reach aid. After several months of healing, she ventured to find Song of the Hills again to find what to do next with her life after everything that happened.


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