Adren Uktena Theurge and Ritemaster of the Outcasts' Rest Caern


A native american looking woman in her mid twenties, she wears only the most simple of clothes and does not seem to use human technology often if at all. 5’5" with shoulder length unkempt black hair and brown eyes, almost always wears simple clothes and generally is seen in lupus form around the caern but will insist that she is homid born. There is a wild beauty about her, despite her lifestyle she is very attractive (appearance 5) and she has some visible pure breed of the Uktena tribe, though she does not boast about it. Often seen tending to the land in some way, or collecting items for future rituals.


Jane “Runs-through-the-Burrow” Doe doesn’t talk about her past very often, in fact most that is pieced together is told by other people (usually her pack members). She is an Adren Uktena theurge and has recently come to be the rite master of the Caern as the previous rite master, her mentor “Paints with Ashes” was recently found dead in San Diego.

Asking around one can find out that Runs-Through-the-Burrow ran with a pack of red talons at a caern in Oregon in her youth, before she joined with Song-of-the-Hills’ pack. She is rather eccentric even for a theurge, almost always keeping herself busy with something.

She has a kinfolk who visits every now and then from the reservation, a young native american man by the name of Jason Aawho.


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