Athro Wendigo Philodox and the former Master of the Challenge of the Outcasts' Rest Caern


A towering man in his late thirties with long black hair and piercing blue eyes that are as cold as his demeanor, Ihnou “Ice Borne Passion” Stillgale is a man who has almost not been seen on the caern proper since the new pack had been formed. However when he does show up, he exudes an aura of authority that belies his actual status, as he seems a man more suited to being the alpha of the caern rather than being merely the master of the challenge. Every so often he is seen arguing to with the sept alpha, especially after an altercation with volcano’s pack, though the man directly avoids the eldest philodox Mourning Howl.


Ice Borne Passion made his first impression to what would in the future be Volcano’s pack by giving them a rite of passage that would by any sense of the word be considered suicidal, by sending them to hunt after a thunder wyrm. Though he was forced to relent when the alpha pack, backed by the sept alpha himself rejected this as an obvious ploy to kill Hoyle Clearwater and wanted no part of the families’ feud in their caern.

However, the man has quite the history in the caern, as he and the Uktena Mourning Howl have both intermittently held the position of alpha through the feud between the families as well as keeping any garou that was not of pureland descent out of the caern. This changed with the arrival of Song of the Hills, who upon being refused hospitality for his road weary pack challenged for the position and Inhou lost to an outsider for the very first time. To add insult to injury the outsider had only challenged him in order to allow his pack to stay temporarily. However, as time passed the intruders had managed to worm their way into the favor of the kinfolk and the other garou in the caern, to the point that the stillgales withdrew their pack from the caern proper and back to their family lands. He was for a while content with his new position as master of the challenge, until he found out that the athro philodox of the Uktena family-then the Wisefish- Mourning Howl had been chosen as Eldest Philodox.

Of all of the alpha pack, it is the irreverent pup Claims the Eye whom Ice Borne Passion despises the most, and he does not keep it quiet, especially with how the punk dared to use silver against him and win in their challenge. Even before the challenge, Ice Borne Passion has attempted to have the ahroun thrown out of the caern on several occasions.

All of this doesn’t even hold a candle to his attitude against the Clearwaters, whom he holds a cold hatred for.

Recently due to his actions regarding the Get of Fenris and putting forth an unjust challenge, Ice Borne Passion was stripped of his position and given the Rite of the Jackal.


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