Fostern Black Fury Ahroun, Warder of the Outcasts' Rest Caern


Jenny “Fierce as the Badger” Tompson is a 5’7" muscular woman with green eyes and long dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She is almost always carrying a spear that looks like it’s made out of some iridescent golden material as she patrols the bawn of the caern, which is small enough that it gives her some free time to hate Claims the Eye for being her superior and her direct trainer and sparring partner. Though she is known for losing her temper at the male members of the caern, she usually doesn’t do so without provocation.

When not on duty, which is rare, she usually hangs out around with Runs through the Burrow.


Jenny is one of the garou that came to Outcasts’ Rest along with the rest of the alpha pack. Her fetish she claims was passed down her family line and is useful in protecting the small caern due to its ability to stop assailants in their tracks. She is very vocally annoyed at Claims the Eye being her superior as the Eldest Ahroun of the caern, since she is left to be the warder, not to mention the insult that a man could best her in their sparring matches. Though she hasn’t been able to win more than one or two of their sparring matches.

Recently with the news of Blind Leap’s insult of Eledin as a ‘Wyrm loving whore’ Jenny has taken a severe grudge against Clay, it even spills over to some of her sparring matches with Claims the Eye.


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