Adren Child of Gaia Ahroun, Eldest Ahroun of the Outcasts' Rest Caern


Claims The Eye is a young man of about eighteen to twenty years old with ear length straight red hair and a lanky frame. Standing at about six feet tall in homid form, he looks more like an individual born of the Children of Gaia tribe that he is now rather than the Get of Fenris his pure breed implies. He doesn’t look very battle weary, in fact his face does little to give away how much combat experience he really has, and still looks very youthful and vibrant, something Runs through the Burrow attributes to his irreverent attitude and disregard for responsibility (Appearance 4).


Arthur “Claims The Eye” Denson isn’t very private with having left the Get of Fenris, though one doesn’t have to look much further than his appearance to have a gander as to why. He looks more like a boy playing pretend than a seasoned warrior. However anyone taking the time to get to know him will find that he is actually very well traveled, having spent a long time wandering on his own across the country before he met the man who would become the sept alpha-then a fostern Galliard-and joining his pack and tribe.

When not minding his own duties or mentoring Clay, He is often seen arguing with his pack mate Runs through the Burrow, as the two have entirely opposing viewpoints on many topics, and his irreverent attitude often gets him a punishing whack on the back of the head for his lack of wisdom.

Due to his looks, Arty is fairly popular amongst female kinfolk who visit the caern, much to the chagrin of the Stillgales. He and the Athro Ice-Borne-Passion hardly get along in the best of times.


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